The Science behind the Mattresses

Our aim is to ensure that customers are offered a sleeping solution which aids their overall health and well-being through more restful, deeper sleep. With a Zen product you are assured of a wide range of options to suit individual sleep requirements, and with years of expertise behind us, you can be confident that the products we offer are made using only the highest quality materials, produced with care and attention to detail.The Adaptive fabrics used in our mattresses and sleep accessory covers are specifically designed to regulate body temperature and moisture levels, for a comfortably cool and dry sleep. The Purotex allergen treatment featured in selected ranges ensures a healthy place to sleep, perfect for allergy sufferers. The foam cores are also ventilated to further improve airflow. Every Zen mattress creates a cleaner, fresher and more hygienic sleeping environment.
We also provide an exclusive range of deluxe divan and ottoman bed bases, with a variety of storage options, placing importance on quality and contemporary design as well as overall functionality. Our bed base collection is available in a choice of luxury fabrics, and when combined with a Zen mattress, can provide a sleep solution tailored perfectly to the individual’s lifestyle and well-being.Getting the right quality sleep is greatly affected by the type of mattress you sleep on. That’s why every Zen mattress is designed, engineered and tested to the most rigorous standards to make sure it provides optimum comfort and support where it matters most.
All Zen mattresses and sleep accessories are manufactured by us right here in the UK for assured quality and value for money.

Adaptive is a treatment that uses the heat of your body to keep your sleep environment cool and dry.


Your body heat changes the shape of the Adaptive polymer which increases the rate of evaporation. Every time you go to bed and the temperature rises from 20°C to 35°C,passive textiles become dynamic textiles.

•    The more heat, the more drying and cooling.

•    Reducing humidity and providing a cooling effect.

•    Keeping you cool and dry, all night, every night!

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Applied to Zen mattress cover textiles, ADAPTIVE keeps the sleeper comfortably cool and dry throughout the night and improves the sleep quality. A good sleep is crucial for physical and mental well-being, whereas a cool and dry micro-climate

is essential for recuperative sleep. Moreover, in a 2011 study the US National Sleep Foundation found that 87% of participants experience a sleep problem at least once a week and 79% rated “cool sleep” as the main criteria for their sleep quality.

ADAPTIVE not only brings cool nights to consumers but the efficient moisture transport mechanism also raises the hygiene and durability of mattresses and pillows.


Ergonomic sculptured high density poly foam springs

The ergonomic sculptured high density poly foam spring system is a revolutionary new supportive mattress design developed and engineered by us, and a real first for the mattress industry. We combine this innovative support system with memory foam and latex foam for the ultimate sleep experience.foam_springs_the-science
This ergonomic spring system is made up of high-density soft foam tubes that form the support layer of the mattress. The individual tubes provide none of the upward pressure associated with traditional sprung mattresses. Instead every single tube is designed to independently support the body and reduce pressure around the neck, spine, and lower body.
This wonderful sleeping experience provides optimum pressure relief and reduces body movement by up to 70%. The ergonomic spring system features a ventilated base with ventilated cylinders. Together these ensure maximum airflow and circulation and encourage moisture dispersal from your body, creating your perfect climate for sleep.



Sensitivity to house dust mite allergens, found in most beds and mattresses, has a negative impact on your sleeping comfort and on the quality of your sleep. House dust mite allergy is as common as grass pollen allergy but the impact on the quality of life is much bigger: pollen is only a concern during “pollen season” while house dust mite allergens will “hit” you every night of the year, predictably and instantly, each time you go to bed.

Wouldn’t it be great to sleep in a fresh healthy environment?

Well now you can, with Purotex®.

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