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Riverwood Bed Frames are built without compromise to last a lifetime!

I made this bed nearly 25 years ago!

Hi my name is Jim. I have been making wooden beds for about 25 years. One of the first beds I made ( the first bed I made was for a friend which I made in the bedroom of my flat in Glasgow–much to the annoyance of my flat mates !) is shown above and is the bed we sleep on now and as good as new—not bad eh!
Anyway,  I digress.  Bed Frames are not rocket science but they must be made properly.
The design must be pleasing to the eye, the proportions must be right and the bed frame must be practical—-can you sit comfortably on the end? will you bash your head on the headboard if you are sitting up in bed?   And worst of all does it squeek!  Our bed frames are totally solid, built to last and will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Bed Frame Details

These angled steel bracket bed fittings ensure a totally rigid connection. No movement or squeeks ever!!

The ones we use are made specially for us and can support the weight of a car!

View showing slat connection. All slats are screwed to the support on the main spar—totally secure .

Pine Slats, sturdy and plenty of them! Pine is the right wood for the job however if you want Oak slats just ask.

All Riverwood beds have a substantial centre Oak beam. No silly floor supports here!

(Most beds have a centre spar which is supported by wee struts from the floor-this means the spar is not strong enough).

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