Beech Sprung Slatted Base

Balmoral Oak bed with Laminated Beech Sprung Slats
Balmoral Bedframe with Laminated Beech Sprung Slatted System.

Hi there. Up until now I have been avoiding installing a sprung slat system on our Riverwood beds. The sprung slats available in the past were usually Birch (pine) which were prone to breaking!

The sprung slat system you see here is made with laminated Beech slats, much much stronger and good enough to use on our beds.

Note. Our beds are supplied as standard with a very solid (non sprung) slatted base and in my opinion one system is not necessarily better than another.

However if you want the extra luxury that comes with a sprung slat system then this Laminated Beech sprung slat system is what you need.

Prices are: £195.00 Single, £295.00 Double, £365.00 Kingsize and £395.00 for the Super Kingsize.

For sizes outwith those standard sizes or if you have any questions, drop me an e mail or give me a call.



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