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Jim @ Riverwood

Riverwood started as a bespoke furniture making company by myself pictured above in January 2006.

We made innovative designer furniture using locally sorced hardwoods see: riverwooddesign.co.uk

In the last 3 or 4 years however we have focussed on beds and now supply handmade beds built to last to our customers throughout the UK.

Our U S P (unique selling point)–sorry for the marketing talk!– is really to make decent wooden beds that will never have to be replaced. Our beds have a huge 10 year Guarantee–this basically means a lifetime and are very strong in fact incredibally strong. The car / bed thing is for real!

Car bed 3

Ok– might be a bit gimmicky (is that a word?) but it is a standard Nevis bed with my car on top!

Oh, almost forgot to mention, before I started making furniture I worked as a Civil engineer building and repairing bridges so I do know how to make something strong and long lasting. When you think about it a bed is a structure with component parts that must be designed, made and fitted correctly.


So what makes a good wooden bed?

Bed frames are not rocket science but they must be made properly.
The design must be pleasing to the eye, the proportions must be right and the bed frame must be practical—-can you sit comfortably on the end? will you bash your head on the headboard if you are sitting up in bed?   And worst of all does it squeek!  Our bed frames are totally solid, built to last and will be enjoyed by generations to come.

In any event we are here to help and our advice is free so if I can be of any help with chosing a new bed just let me know. You can reach me through the Contacts page.

All the best



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