Handmade Wooden Beds & Solid Oak Bed Frames

Hello and welcome to Riverwood Beds of Glasgow. My name is Jim Macmillan. As experienced bed makers, we offer only the finest handmade wooden beds and solid oak bed frames, built to last, stunningly beautiful and guaranteed for life!


Bespoke Oak Bed made in the UK


To ensure your new bed (even if it is not one of mine!) is an investment and not a liability that you will have to replace in a few years you should have a look at this.


Are our handmade wooden beds and solid oak bed frames more expensive to buy than a mass produced import? No they are not! Why? Because we do not burden you with expensive shipping costs, High Street showroom costs and Retail mark up costs! You are buying direct from bed makers giving you the best value and service that you deserve.


Are our handmade hardwood beds more expensive to make than a mass produced import? Yes they are! Why? Because they are handmade, that means more wood of the highest quality, more care, more time and more imagination!

Our handmade wooden beds are also immensely strong and can carry the weight of a car!


This might appear a bit gimmicky but the point is the Nevis solid oak bed frame was designed first and foremost as a beautiful handmade wooden bed. The fact that the bed frame can support the weight of a car is incidental – it is just made properly!

The bed passed the test Ok but I did not like the way the supporting Oak beams were bending!

The fantastic value of a Riverwood handmade wooden bed.

  • Custom made wooden bed frames in quality hardwoods like Oak and Walnut direct from our workshop to you. This means you get more value for your money – much more!
  • Alterations to basic designs can be easily incorporated such as headboard height, foot board height and mattress height. This means you get the bed you want without having to compromise! Looking for a Super King Size bed made extra long? Just ask.
  • All Oak beds can be stained to match your existing furniture. This means you can treat yourself to the handmade bed you need without replacing your bedroom furniture.
  • Our guarantee is the strongest in the market today. This means that you can sleep sound knowing that in the unlikely event of something going wrong or even if you change your mind, you will have a no quibble money back guarantee to fall back on.
  • Our handmade hardwood beds are produced without compromise. They are totally solid bed frames, ideal for being passed down from generation to generation, representing fantastic value in todays mass produced world.
  • Direct from our Glasgow Bed workshop giving you genuine value for your money and a low carbon footprint.

You can see our range of beds here: Handmade Hardwood Beds.